Pennington CapitalThe term “Human Business” is not a marketing strategy, nor is it a business model. Far-reaching and impactful, the benefits of having a business that truly connects with your consumer is stronger than any tool a marketing department can use. When a customer feels like they are contributing to something by purchasing your product, made to feel that they are contributing to the story of your company then you have something more than a customer, you have an ally. What are some of the many ways that running a human business can help you?

Purpose: People can buy their products wherever they want. As the internet has grown into every facet of our life, so too has our access to literally anything you can image. From products to produce, there is nothing that cannot be purchased if you look hard enough, the challenge is getting your customers to feel that their patronage makes a difference. Compare it to purchasing an apple from Walmart as opposed to a local family market. The feeling that your choice is making a difference helps reinforce the decision to make a purchase.

Community: Five loyal consumers is worth more than hundreds of window shoppers, and if you’re conducting a human business, it’s because there is a sense of community. Products that support a cause or positive message will naturally attract people who believe in that same message, and those people will have others in their lives that share the same values. By building a community around a like-minded ideal, you have more than shoppers, you’ve got soldiers for your brand.

Culture: Corporate culture to many is cold and distant. Industries of the past drew clear lines in the sand between them and their customers. The internet brought with it a tide that swept that line away, and now people are more involved in ever with the businesses they love. Showing that your corporation is open to involvement and input from your consumers shows trust and confidence in their ability to choose. They chose to support you didn’t they?

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